The love
of adventure

Bear Grylls has travelled all five continents filming dynamic, awe-inspiring adventures which have been enjoyed by excitement-hungry audiences around the globe. One episode alone of the Running Wild series – featuring President Barack Obama – has been viewed over 1 billion times!

Man vs. Wild

Bear travels the globe seeking out ever more inhospitable places in which to use his extraordinary survival skills – teaching us all these techniques along the way. The show ran for seven explosive seasons and was regularly viewed by more than 1.2 billion worldwide. It was also nominated for an Emmy Award.

The Island

Bear devised and presents this BAFTA winning show where volunteers are stripped of all the comforts of civilization, and cast away on a remote deserted island for 6 weeks. Basic rations of food and water run low and the islanders have to work for their very survival.

Running Wild

Bear takes a celebrity out of their comfort zone by confronting them with a series of physical and mental challenges as they traverse rough terrain and engage in survivalist practices in beautiful wild locations. Running Wild is now celebrating its fourth series on NBC… celebrities include Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Roger Federer, Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Ben Stiller and many others.

Absolute Wild

Bear pushes Chinese celebrities to their limits by confronting them with a series of physical and mental challenges in beautiful wild locations.

Face the Wild

Survival expert Bear Grylls has spent his life facing the wild, and now through the power of Facebook, he's taking your friends, neighbors, and family along with him.

Bear's Mission With...

Bear takes celebrities on a mission to not only test their survival skills, but push them completely out of their comfort zones as they encounter a series of physical and mental challenges in dramatic locations. Celebrities include Anthony Joshua, Rob Brydon, Warwick Davis, Gareth Southgate and many more to come...

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